PSP TempAR v1.63 Beta : Plugins de triche

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Réponse de xClemDu60™ Plateformes Consoles portables 🎮 PlayStation Portable : TempAR v1.63 Beta : Plugins de triche #1
TempAR 1.63 est un homebrew créé par raing3. C'est un plugin de triche comparable à CWCheat, à la différence que TempAR v1.63 supporte presque tous les customs firmwares ou HEN ( 5.X (5.50 GEN-D3 ou 5.03GEN) comme les 6.X (6.20TN-D, 6.35PRO..). Il a maintenant un meilleur support des homebrews, vous pouvez changer les polices, et le recherche est encore plus aboutie.


Changelog :

[+] User can now change the number of cheats/code lines which can be loaded.
[+] Added support for loading codes from PSPAR .bin files (checksum not validated).
[+] Added support for loading codes from NitePR .txt files (converted to PSPAR on load).
[+] Added 0xC1 code type (call function with arguments) to PSPAR extended engine.
[+] Added 0xC2 code type (run code from cheat list) to PSPAR extended engine.
[+] Added 0xC4 code type (safe data store) to PSPAR extended engine. Depending on
usage this code type could interfere with auto-off feature.
[+] Added 0xC5 code type (counter) to PSPAR extended engine.
[+] Can add search results in CWCheat format by pressing SQUARE on the search result
instead of CROSS.
[-] Removed thread list and module list from lite version to reduce size.
[-] Removed copy to text file from Disassembler.
[!] Fixes to the conditional code types and 0xD0 code type (thanks HARO)
[?] Temporary data buffers are only allocated when needed to reduce memory usage.
[?] Rewrote cheat file parser, now it is ~1/3 faster.
Old Parser: 57.2MB / ~43 seconds.
New Parser: 57.2MB / ~30 seconds.
[?] Removed autooff version, auto-off functionality is merged with both tempar.prx and
tempar_lite.prx. To enable auto-off change "Enable Autooff" from False to True in
the [PRX] tab, Save Settings and reload the cheat file. (once you reload a game
auto-off functionality will be enabled by default).
[?] On PSP-2000 to PSPgo cheats are now allocated in the slim extended memory.
[?] PSPAR/PSPAR extended cheats MUST be in "real addressing", using fake addressing
won't work properly anymore. This was done to (a) make some of the new code types
possible and ( force people to make PSPAR codes properly so they will work on the officialPSPAR.

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