Le JFW DH arrive bientôt + Support des jeux 3.56+

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Sniper Wolf

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25 Février 2011
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Salut à tous, le JFW DH qui devait normalement sortir le 1 Octobre, a été retardé, ils n'ont pas donnés de dâte précise.
Cependant, ils ont parlés d'un exploit qui permettrait de faire fonctionner les jeux en 3.6x ou +.


As the title says, the JFW DH will be delayed for various reasons, including one of the devs working on OpenPStore is very busy with college, and the dev working on TheGrid Manager has had an accident while practising sports, resulting in him working much slower.

Without the plugin manager, we won't be able to control TheGrid plugins, and without OpenPStore we won't be able to communicate with the JFW DH update platform.

Everything was planned for the date of October 1st, but with those issues we will not be able to give an exact date (it could be just a week, or 2), we don't know, what we can guarantee is it will worth the wait, and once the JFW released, it will integrate an exploit (not right at release) that will allow you to play all future games (including 3.7x, etc), we will not release the method (this was always the mistake, release the methods) but this exploit is not keys related, as we don't need them anymore.

1saludo and I want you to know that I feel very bad demons, because I think about that i failed, giving a date and then not meeting the deadline, thanks for your comprehension[...]
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