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Code Cheat


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28 Février 2011
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Au menu principal, appuyez en même temps sur L2 et R2 plusieurs fois de suite. Au bout de 5 fois, vous devriez pouvoir vous lever de votre siège et accéder au terminal qui se trouve derrière vous. Saisissez ensuite les codes suivants.

3ARC INTEL Voir tous les renseignements
3ARC UNLOCK Débloquer Dead Ops Arcade et le mode Zombie [
alicia Jouer à Alicia (thérapiste virtuel)
cat Ouvrir les fichiers audio/image (ex : CAT NoteX.txt)
decode Décoder données CIA
dir Afficher une liste des fichiers audio/image
DOA Jouer à "Dead Ops Arcade"
encode Encoder données CIA
foobar Afficher le message "Fee Fie Foe Foo!" sur le terminal
hello sailor Jouer à Zork
help Afficher l'aide
login Ouvrir une nouvelle session
ls Afficher le contenu du répertoire en cours
mail Ouvrir le répertoire des mails
print Imprimer ou montrer le contenu d'un fichier
TYPE "Nom_fichier.extension" Voir un fichier
who Afficher la liste des noms de login utilisables avec RLOGIN
zork Jouer à Zork


25 Février 2011
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Merci pour ce topic, je ne connaisais pas certains codes.


Membre depuis le début du site!
27 Février 2011

je rajoute quelques codes :

1.Codes / Description :

zork - starts the classic text-based adventure game Zork on the terminal.
doa - starts a top-down shooter style arcade game in which the player must fend off waves of zombies as they move among different play areas.
3arc unlock - a cheat code which unlocks Zork mode, Dead Ops Arcade mode the Zombies map "Five" and all the single player missions.
3arc intel - a cheat code which unlocks all intel in the game for viewing, but disables trophies/achievements.
alicia - begins a session with Alicia, your virtual therapist.
help - displays help information
cat or print - prints the contents of a file (.txt, .pic, .snd)
cd [ |.|..|path] - changes the current directory.
cls - clears the screen
dir or ls - displays the contents of the current directory.
decode - decodes an encrypted string using an agency standard cypher
encode - encodes a string using an agency standard cypher
exit - exits the current login session
foobar - displays the string: Fee Fie Foe Foo!
hello sailor - launches ZORK I
login - starts a new login session on the current system
mail - opens the current users mailbox
rlogin [system] - attempts a login session on a remote system. Known remote systems are DREAMLAND and DOD.
who - lists the users who have accounts on the current system


2.Logins :


Username : amason
Password : PASSWORD

Username : asmith
Password : ROXY

Username : bharris
Password : GOSKINS

Username : dking
Password : MFK

Username : fwoods
Password : PHILLY

Username : GWEAVER
Password : GEDEON

Username : hkissinger
Password : (unknown currently)

Username : jbowman
Password : UWD

Username : jehoover
Password : (unknown currently)

Username : jfkennedy
Password : LANCER

Username : jhudson
Password : BRYANT1950

Username : jmccone
Password : BERKELY22

Username : jturner
Password : CONDOR75

Username : lbjohnson
Password : LADYBIRD

Username : rhelms
Password : LEROSEY

Username : rjackson

Username : rkain
Password : SUNWU

Username : rnixon
Password : CHECKERS

Username : sagnew
Password : (unknown currently)

Username : tbrooks
Password : LAUREN

Username : twalker
Password : RADIO

Username : vbush
Password : MANHATTAN

Username : wrabon
Password : BROMLOW


Username : rmcnamara
Password : (unknown currently)

Username : jfkennedy
Password : (unknown currently)

Username : rnixon
Password : (unknown currently)


Username : vbush
Password : MAJESTIC1

Username : roppen
Password : TRINITY

Username : twalker
Password : THANKSDAD



Zork is an interactive fiction or "text adventure" game designed in the early '80s. It's notable for being the first in a long line of infocom adventure games that brought interactive fiction to previously unseen heights. The (somewhat) older gamers probably know games like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, right?

To play Zork, you type in simple commands, like "Attack Troll" to navigate through a digital world. Sure, it's probably not as graphically advanced or exciting as Black Ops is (d'oh!) but give it a try! Party it like it's 1981!

Here is a list of basic commands :

"N" = Walk north
"S" = Walk south
"E" = Walk east
"W" = Walk west
"U" = Go up
"D" = Go down
"TALK" = Talk to an object
"GIVE x y" = Give someone (x) an object :ok:
"ATTACK" = Attack something
"TAKE" = Take an object
"USE" = Use object
"OPEN" = Open an object (usually an object like a door or chest)
"WAIT or Z" = Ticks off one turn (if you run in to a challenge that requires you to wait a few turns)
"SAVE" = Save your current position
"RESTORE" = Load your save
"I" = Display your inventory
"DIAGNOSE" = Display your character's medical condition
"G" = Repeat last command (use this to continually perform the same action)
"RESTART" = Start the game over
"QUIT" = Stops the game and gives you your score
"SCORE" = Displays your current score


Sources :
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