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[All Updates]BadChoicesZ Dumper / RTM tool (BLES)

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1 Décembre 2012
2 370
Yop all,

Voila un tool qui vient de
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et qui est vraiment bien
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ma part, un petit screen
On peut multiplier notre XP ou notre argent par ce qu'on veut, modder la vitesse des journées etc..
Breff: UPDATE 1.4.1

- PS3TMAPI_NET.DLL ( Not Supplied )
- 4.5 .Net Framework

- What it Does: -

Works Every Update / BLES/BLUS
New Features: (1.4.1)
- Max Health Multplier
- Min Health Multiplier
- Player Walk/Run Speed
-Bind (L2 + X) For Player Speed
- Max Armour Multiplier
- Paralyze Self

New Features(1.4):
- Remove Bad Sport
- Set Money Multiplier
- Set XP Multiplier
- Set Any Bounty $1 - $2.147Bil ( select -2k, -4k etc depending on amount u place )
- Set Race Min/Max
- Long Idle Time ( prevents Idle Kick )
- Place Molotov In Ammo Crate
- make Stuff free ( Passive Mode, Most Shops, N Other Stuff )
- Also Provided a Save File for 1.05 you can load offsets instead of searching whilst on BLES 1.05 (BadChoicesZ.ini)
- Search is also fixed had slight error when searching for an address with 0's midway through...
Older Features
- Finds All Addresses ( God / Ammo / Cops / Timescale / Big Guns / Bouncy Cars / Fkd Pedestrians / Button Monitoring )
- Displays All Found Addresses
- Lets you use the found offsets ie
- Toggle Godmode Between: DemiGod/ RealGod / OFF
- Toggle Ammo Unlimited/Normal
- Toggle NoCops NoStars/Normal/1xStar/2xStar/3xStars/4xStars/5xstars Perm
- Toggle Timescale On/OFF
- Control Timescale With Bind to Controller R1+O (Cant press other buttons while pressing r1+0 to toggle on/off )
- Toggle Carmagedon ( bouncy Cars )
- Toggle Zoomedin/Big guns ( When switch weapon weapon is huge ..Pedestrians weapons R big too )
- Toggle Pedestrian Legs FkdUp ( walk close to pedestrians to see )
- Added Save / Load Function ( so dont have to "find" offsets each use, just once per update )
- Added Day/Nite Timescale
- Few other Fixes and improvements

**with this version, please be aware you should always Select Which Update Version your on before SAVING or LOADING / Getting offsets/addresses... as it loads/saves depending on what TU you specify...

How To Use
Warning: this Program will not find addresses if you have "unlimited" ammo from another tool before searching ....
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Up GTAV ( With a Debug Eboot in your GAME/BLESXXXXX/USRDIR/ directory )
1. Select your TU Default is on 1.05 so on future updates change that before connecting ie. 1.06 etc
2. Press
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/ Attach
3. You can now either, LOAD OFFSETS or GET OFFSETS
For loading offsets I supplied a file BadChoicesZ.ini that has 1.05 Offsets stored in it for BLES
4. if u press GET OFFSETS it will now search for the offsets and once found will make the Buttons u can use Enabled..
5. if u press LOAD OFFSETS, you will just select the BadChoicesZ.ini or any other file ini file you have saved. (remember to always have TU on the current update ur debug eboot is before loading / saving )
6. you can save your addresses to save urself from having to "find" each time.

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virus scan:
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Source: Fr-Modz
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